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Welcome to Global Child Health Expert Group

Welcome to the site of the Global Child Health Expertise Group, a section of the NVK, a working group of the NVTG.

On our site you can find details about our background as well as information about the latest relevant news, the agenda in the field of ICH, read blogs and reports from members in the field, and workplaces abroad. For our members, there will be a secure place where you can access messages from the board, the membership list, and the various projects our members are associated with. 

Through this site, we hope to bring together those interested in the field of global child health and thus promote global child health.

Please send your comments and tips for this site via the contact form.

On behalf of the expert group,
Jeanine Punt,

What do we do

The Global Child Health Expertise Group is a section of the Dutch Society for Pediatrics, NVK, and also a working group of the Dutch Society for Tropical Medicine, NVTG. 

It aims to promote the quality of tropical pediatrics, now called Global Child Health, abroad and in the Netherlands and to draw attention to the focus area in the NVK and the NVTG. 

She focuses on e.g. adopted children, refugee children, vacationers, immigrants and children in poor-resource settings. She does this by, among other things, improving patient care, contributing to scientific developments, exchanging experiences, providing education, finding out about new developments in the focus area, functioning as a point of contact for pediatricians and AIGT doctors, doctors of international medicine and tropical medicine. 

It participates in the drafting of guidelines, hotline of NSCK, organizing an annual symposium and an annual referee meeting. The expert group is responsible for approved AIGT training positions. 

There is a close relationship with the Third World Health Foundation (AMC/UvA chair).


Chair:   Albertine Baauw
Secretary:   Jeanine Punt
Treasurer:   Perijne Vellekoop
Member:   Annemaire Keus
Member:   Arno Maas
Expertise Group Global Child Health
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