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The idea to teach the ETAT course in the Netherlands came about after a number of tropical doctors noticed upon arrival at a foreign hospital that pediatrics was very little covered in the classical profile. 

Quote Fleur: "I am SO glad I did the ETAT course! Upon arrival in Sierra Leone, my first patient was a vitally endangered child. The ETAT made me feel confident and know what to do! Every AIGT person should take this course. Because of the ETAT, I set up my own training program at the hospital where I started working. Every week we did a small part. And to top it off, a team came from the Netherlands and trained the entire staff in the principles of the ETAT! "  

We decided to have 1 facilitator do this training with a small group of people. Albertine Baauw, AIGT and pediatrician, a lot of experience with giving ETAT in different settings and a lot of clinical experience with care of the seriously ill child. 

The goal of the course is to master the basic skills to stabilize a critically ill child. There will also be a focus on being able to transfer the course to the future field.  In preparation for the ETAT the following you are expected to have read through the participants manual. Count on a preparation time of 1-2 weeks.   It will be a busy and full program as the course normally lasts 3-4 days. 

Preparation materials
1. Blue booklet: study the first chapter:;jsessionid=9C026FB6C31502740B1561FB95815388?sequence=1 
2. WHO site, ETAT manual, for participants. The piece on SHOCK is outdated. The 2016 update contains new guidelines adjustments. 
3. FEAST study article: 
4. Moisture policy as used in your hospital. 
5. Status epilepticus schedule the Netherlands (attached).  
6. Online course in preparation : 

Cost:260,00 Euro, to be paid before the start of the course.
You will receive an invoice.  
Location:Cas Oorthuyskade 65, 1087DP Amsterdam.
From CD take streetcar 26, get off at Vennepluimstraat. 
Paid parking, Amsterdam rates.
For people coming from far: there are still a few sleeping places on the boat if you bring your own mat and sleeping bag.
Please contact us in advance about this.  
Food and drink:Coffee and tea is free. Bring your own lunch and dinner. 

registration: :   Kind regards, Albertine BaauwPediatrician, MScPH, Physician International Health and Tropical<2020-1 Amsterdam ETAT.docx><2020-1- Amsterdam ETAT Status epilepticus algorithm APLS sept 2017.pdf


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